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Welcome to the Three Sisters Farm Poultry Page. The year of  2010, saw us embrace another aspect of our farm, the raising and selling of chicks. We have incorporated some new breeds and some new roosters and hens to help with the enterprise. We now carry a range of Old English Game Bantams, Silkies and Sebrites, for sale as chicks or as hatching eggs.


We do not inoculate our chicks, nor raise them on any hormone laced feed. Having done the research on certain diseases and the pros and cons on various vaccines( as well as the questionable effectiveness!), we have opted to take the natural route and instead concentrate on obtaining outside chickens from reputable sources, and to take care to raise our birds in a healthy, clean and low stress environment.

Our bantam eggs are small but have a lot of flavor. We sell them through the Sooke Country Market during March through October. We carry some Bantam eggs, Sebrite, Silkie, Old English Game and Japanese (Coturnix) quail eggs.

These eggs are great on spinach salad, with sushi dishes and even embedded in meat pies for a slice of delight. For gourmet cooking and that wow factor, nothing can beat a quail egg. The taste is richer than regular eggs, and the shells are ornate and amazing looking.

We are in the process of expanding our Japanese Coturnix) quails for eggs sales. We are not offering quail chicks at this time.


Eggs(eating )

Bantam/silkie eggs $ 3.00 a dozen

Bantam and quail eggs, half and half- $3.50 a dozen

Quail eggs $4.00 a dozen.

For fertile eggs or chicks please enquire at or find me at the metchosin poultry swaps


Rocky 2- Rocky 2 or son of Rocky as we know him, is the offspring of our very first rooster Rocky. Like his dad his coloring is of the Wheaten strain of the Old English Game bantams. Like his Dad, he is a very calm and protective rooster, and we often put hens or new chickens with him at first, as he tolerates even young males to a degree. The wheaten variety is one we are trying to get back in our flock, so we are actively breeding and looking for new females of this coloring hope also to have his good nature pass down into future generations.


Apollo is a silver duckwing Old English Game rooster. He is larger than Rocky and also has a more assertive nature. Despite this, the two share their out time together, each one keeping his ladies to a separate part of the yard. Apollo has a particular love of black hens, and enjoys crowing and finding the high ground to survey his kingdom. His one particular thorn in life is his young son Monty, who is in a nearby pen. For whatever reason, father and son do not see eye to eye, but having grown up watching the squabbles of my elder brother and father, I wonder if it is more a generation thing. Monty for his part loves to sometimes torment the old man by sneaking into his pen and pretending to be his dad out in the yard, in the hopes to lure away some of the old man's harem.


Monty has a flock of three New old English girls( freckles, Farrah and fantom), as well as other OEG bantams and choo choo, a black Sumatran hen. Monty was almost for the chop but captured our hearts by his somewhat lovely and innocent nature and his keen sense of survival.

He was born in summer of 2009. Monty and his group of three originals captured a lot of looks at the Metchosin fair in 2010 and at seedy saturday in Sooke in 2011. I could have sold the 4 10 times over, such was their charm.

Julius and Tibereous( Silkies)

Julius is a Silkie rooster with the coloring of a buff, and the temperament of a real nice guy. Tibereous is a pure white who came to us from a home in Victoria, when their hen started to crow. Both boys share a clutch of hens, in white, red, partridge and buff colors. Their productivity is showing in the beautiful chicks we have seen come from their romantic dalliances.

Horatio Hornblower and GoldFinger

Our two Sebrite roosters the white version( Horatio) and the gold version( Goldfinger), are our most recent additions. Goldfingers 3 girls are laying and we are hatching out some magnificent chicks from the group. Horatio's young 2 girls, and a millie fluer have just started to laying, so we will be offering chicks from his group in the future.